seedlist for Autumn 2011
chioggia beet
cavelo nero
portugese kale

                     FRUITING VEGETABLES

Beurre de Roquencort – Black seeded , yellow bush bean. Great yields.
Dragon tongue bush beans – purple and yellow Dutch heirloom
Kentucky wonder – Pole bean ,old favourite  
Scarlet Runners-large vigorous vines grow over  10ft.Very ornamental scarlet flowers.
Purple podded pole - 6ft climbers,beautiful.
Windsor long pod -Flat green pods up to 20cm long.
Valdor yellow bush bean -High quality dwarf wax bean - treated seed

Broad bean - Aquadulce

Purple podded climbers- Blauschokkers - have been cultivated in Europe for 100's
of years. 6ft
and beyond climbers.(available end of September.
Greenfeast - Good old standard bush variety,green shelling pea.
Snowflake - beautiful dark green snowpeas on upright 22'' self supporting Plentifull
pods are borne doubly at each node for a veritable blizzard of a yield.(SOLD OUT)




LEMON CUCUMBER(looks like a round lemon, sweet  flavoured ....Eat right off the
vine)(end of April)
POONA KHEERA this heirloom from India produces cream to light green coloured
smallish fruit. Good for pickling and fresh eating.
MEXICAN SOUR GHERKIN – tiny cucumbers are shaped like baby watermelons..
The ornamental vines have tiny leaves and are Perennial in mild climates. Added
to salads and used for pickling. Kids love them!! Mousey melons.
AFRICAN HORNED CUCUMBER- Jelly melon...sping horned fruit turn bright
orange when ready

ZUCHINNI– Golden beauty – open pollinated  
ZUCHINNI– (black beauty)  -  open pollinated
ZUCHINNI-Golden rod (F1)(treated) Excellent  yellow courgette's .Good cropper
SERPENTI SQUASH- Snake like zucchini that can grow 2ft long , great vining plant.
(out of stock)


TURKS TURBAN- stunning colour fruit with a distinctive shape,each one with its
own cap on top. Excellent flavour for roasting,baking and using in soups. Good
keeper. Old variety from France.  Pre  1880
FLAT WHITE BOER -Van Niekerk -(treated seed)
HOOKAIDO - Japanese heirloom also known as Red Kuri.

Moon and stars-Famous Amish heirloom
Sugarbaby- best of the small watermelons.
Mickey – lee -Small size to fit in the fridge. Dark green and crisp flesh(treated)
Crimson sweet -Large melon. Dark green striped rind with dark red sweet flesh

Patique- Great spanspek with orange flesh.


Transkei maize  (Xhosa mielie....dent corn,good for meal and Polenta.
Hopi Blue   produces Blue...... And a combination of blue and white kernels.
Black Aztec  - Deep blue-black when mature - makes a delicious corn bread. Very
Golden Bantam  - sweet corn
Stowells evergreen  (treated seed) - one of the oldest sweet corn in production.
White kernels.
Red Maize     ( beautiful large dark red dent corn from India)
Strawberry popcorn (2 to 3 inch ears look like big strawberries .Great for popcorn.



Black cherry –  Best tasting of the cherries
Tigerella tomato – red with orange stripes,2 inch toms...produce early with high
Yellow pear – small pear shaped cherry.((sold out)
Principe Borghese -egg shaped-characteristic sharp taste. Ideal for salads and  
sundrying.A huge  cropping tomato over the season.(semi-determinate)
Riesentraube-  small very productive red toms  -  German heirloom 1800'S(out of
White Currant – Tiny prolific currant tomato (yellow skins – cream flesh)
illdi – Sweet fruits with a tart underbite. Large bunches of 'little grapes' 50 – 200
fruits per stem

Rozalinda-Russian determinate variety with rugose foliage. Strong compact plants
with medium sized fruits
Brandywine- Red – Amish heirloom, chefs favourite
Marmande  -  French Heirloom...easy and productive, Determinate
San Marzano – Lungo F1 hybrid- most productive. Unsurpassed for pasta sauces.  
Barlow Jap- Best red beefsteak of this season (BIG) Brought to the U.S.A. From
Japan at the end of  World War II
Costoluto genovese – old Italian  tomato. Heavily lobed and often convoluted.
Preacher Joe – Tangy, thick skinned tomato, great producer. Nice tart flavour and
good keeper.

Persimmon – Beautiful orange coloured tomato. Good yields and resistance to
Kelloggs Breakfast – giant orange beefsteak, thin skinned,meaty variety with few
seeds.(heirloom from West Virginia)
Pineapple   big and tasty beefsteak(Yellow fruit has red marbling throughout )
Golden monarch -  Great tasting yellow Beefsteak,my favourite...yellow with pink
streaks in centre.Large. Tangy and sweet (1940's)
Buckeye yellow-  Very big yellow beefsteak (Kentucky heirloom)
Copia – Most beautiful of the striped and red striped,  Large!!(out
of stock)
Hillbilly -A  huge bi-colour heirloom(also known as flame) Beautiful when sliced.

Brown and black boar- Red and green streaks on the outside and maroon brown
on the inside. Aggressive grower and producer.
Mystery Beefsteak- Huge---.Dark mahogany with green shoulders  ... Outstanding
Purple Cherokee  - American Indian heirloom (pre 1890) large sized ,superb
sweet flavour...Well rated world wide!!! Tolerates our African sun very well.
Purple Calabash – Deeply ruffled chocolate-brown to deep purple fruit.
Wonderfully decorative
Amazon chocolate -
Paul Robeson -Named for the black Opera singer from King Solomons mines .
Distinctive sweet and smoky flavour.
Wessels Purple pride A mettalic looking dark purple sausage tomato(large) shaped
like a long big pepper.A tasty paste tomato


Green Zebra- medium sized green striped tomato
Tomatillo- verde – (green husk tomato- used in Mexican cuisine    


Malawian Peppadews
Birds eye chillie
(piri piri)
Fish peppers - Afro-American heirloom with outstanding green and white
variegated foliage(stripey chillies too)Bushes reach 2ft and produce hot and spicy
Habanero- Super hot Orange chillie from the Yucatan Peninsular...handle with


Red bell- Matures from a lovely lime green to red
Corona Bell - sweet orange pepper
Purple peppers- outstanding producer,purple bell peppers mature to red.(see pick
below with eggplant)


Rosa Bianca - light pink/lavender fruit with white hading. Rich mild flesh. No
Black Beauty - Good old standard eggplant
Listada di Gandia - Wonderful mauve and white striped 7" heirloom


Clemson Spineless - treated seed

Asparagus - Mary Washington                                                           

Green sprouting broccoli throws out a profusion of individual spears
over a longer period

Perfection Drumhead Savoy- Finely crinkled savoy leaved. Mild and sweet.
Copenhagen Market-Compact heads
Cape spitz

Purple of Sicily

Nero di Toscana
...prized for its taste and highly ornamental strap-like blue/black
Couve Tronchuda-Portugese Kale- round paddle shaped leaves are popular for
soup and leaves are blanched whole for wraps



Forrelenschluss-Romaine lettuce- tasty and beautiful
Merveille des quatres saisons – unusual French  variety. Red tipped butter lettuce
with tightly
folded green hearts. Very Beautiful.
Nevada -loose leafed iceberg type
Little gem- very small green Romaine lettuce
Tom thumb
Speckled lettuce -
Apple green Butter lettuce with maroon speckles on.(out of
Parris Island Cos
Kamikaze-mid -late season variety.
Green salad leaf (oak leaf)
MIZUNA - spicy serrated salad leaf from the Mustard family. Good in salads.

Rossa di Trevisio Precoce , famous Heirloom from Trevisio , Italy

                                SPINACH AND CHARD

AMARANTH/MOROGO- Love lies bleeding - green
FORDHOOK GIANT    - common chard
PERPETUAL SPINACH (LEAF BEET– fantastic large leaves with very slim leaf
margins(available end of April)
BLOOMSDALE LONGSTANDING SPINACH-old standard since 1925. Does better in
hot weather than most

NEW ZEALAND SPINACH-drought tolerant Spinach alternative

RHUBARB VICTORIA– introduced prior to 1840 and still widely grown today.
                              ROOT SEED


Detroit dark red Beetroot - Popular old standard from 1892, uniform and smooth.   
Chioggia - Red and white candy striped centre- Old Italian Heirloom

Chantenay Karoo
– yellow carrot – very sweet and tasty


Celeriac-Giant of Prague


WhIte Creole  - white skinned and white fleshed onion(unavailable at present)
Yellow  of Parma
Red Creole


Hollow core(fresh seed )


Purple plum radish(out of stock)


Purple top – treated seed(imported)


Basil Genovese(out of stock)
Sweet basil
Coriander –  SLO -BOLT (Bumper leaf crop )
Chives -common
Garlic chives
Rocket (wild)
Rocket (cultivated)
Giant of Italy Parsley – very large leaved and tall variety with great flavour.(OUT OF
Italian flat leaved parsley(regular)
Fennel – di firenze (bulb)


IPOMOEA - White moonflowers -Long vigorous vines grow up to 20ft. Fragrant
white 'morninglory' type flowers open in the evening and early morning.
SUNFLOWER (Red)– Evening Sun. Beautiful dark red sunflowers measuring about
SUNFLOWER - Teddy Bear
SUNFLOWER - standard BIG yellow sunflower...tons of seed    
ZINNIA- giants of California
ZINNIA-bright jewels - cactus flowered - pointed petals
MARIGOLD-African giant
NIGELLA- Love-in-the-mist (out of stock)
PAPAVER SOMNIFERUM- Purple  opium poppies
ALCEA ROSEA-Hollyhocks,shades of pink.

20 -  seeds- squashes,melons,cucumbers
25-35 seeds- tomato,,eggplants,tomatillos,chilli's
30 – purple podded peas
40  - bush beans,Maize
20  -  runner beans and broad beans
200-250       - caulies,Kale,broccoli,radicchio,spinach,fennel,celeriac,,herbs etc
500 – 700  - carrots and lettuce.

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Yours in gardening

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